Artist Workshop Series

On Saturday November 11th, the Huntsville Art Society (HAS) will be conducting a variety of different workshops at the Artist Workshop Series!

Location: More Than Just Art Studio (15 Manominee Street Unit 1A – located beside Fabricland in Huntsville)


Watercolour with Wool – Pam Carnochan ($50)
9:30am – 12pm

Pam loves the outdoors, living on a farm and having sheep to inspire her artistic process. She shears sheep, dyes the wool and then uses it to create unique landscapes that she calls Watercolour with Wool. Since she created this method she has enjoyed sharing her process with others, inspiring others to play with wool and create art in a fun new way.

No Brushes Allowed Acrylic Workshop – Linda Harti ($50)
9:30am – 12pm

Linda Harti is full of enthusiasm for life and for her art. She loves both the natural world and human elements, and her colourful abstract paintings reveal images of both.

Self-taught, Linda began her painting career over 20 years ago. Ever-changing in her approach to new stimuli, she began with watercolour, loving the magic that can occur when paint touches moist paper. Linda moved into the realm of more vivid colours in acrylic, with added dimension like layering and underpainting to reveal powerful impressions. She chooses to work from images that spring from her mind and heart.

The workshop will focus on two of Linda’s current favourite media: acrylic paint on Yupo paper, and acrylic paint on wood.

Drumming Workshop – Barry (Bazza) Hayward ($40)
9:30am – 12pm

The spirit and magic of rhythm transcends all ages, gender, religions, races and cultures. Drum circles have the power to heal and empower, to foster unity and community , and to liberate our primal souls!

Come and experience creative expression through drumming and rhythm. You will explore a variety of drums, percussion instruments, and drum circle facilitation techniques and incorporate them into an ensemble that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Learn to take risks, shed inhibitions, deepen your listening skills, release your passion, and come to respect silence and space, as well as sound.

Feel your innate rhythm entrain to a dominant pulse as we seek out the ultimate ‘groove’. Beginners and experienced drummers alike will share in a collective celebration of life through rhythm.

Zentangle Workshop – Gill Young ($40)
1:30 – 4pm

Gill Young moved up to the Huntsville area in 2006 where she then joined the Art Crowd, (now the Huntsville Art Society).
This turned out to explore her new interest in Pen and Ink design. This medium became Gill’s way to tell a story and to be part of her new home in Muskoka.
Join Gill to discover Zentangle, pen-doodles with lighthearted design ideas to create a picture with pen and ink. This is a peaceful style of expression, that also can be coloured.

Fluid Inks on Tiles Workshop – Marv Wastle ($50)
1:30 – 4pm

Marv Wastle is a retired hydro worker who grew up in the city of Toronto. Upon retiring he decided to move north and purchased a home outside the town of Emsdale, Ontario. With the long norther winters ahead of him, Marv decided he needed a hobby and signed up for some art classes. After taking some courses in watercolours, acrylics and mixed medias, he then discovered a new media, alcohol ink. It was a new product of strange properties and vibrant colours, just what he was looking for. Marv continues to work with alcohol ink, still remains enthused about creating new pieces of abstract art and is keen to share this new art form.

Each workshop is designed to be a playful expression of Art and Music and enable the participants to have fun while completing an art activity. No experience is necessary!